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Think you could be the perfect complement to our multi-talented, international team? We're always keeping our eyes open for fresh talent, so if you've got what it takes to help us make shopping experiences better for the world, we're ready to meet you.


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We are hiring

Customer Success

Product EvangelistDK - Copenhagen
Account Manager, US MarketUS - New York
Customer Success Specialist for UK Market, LondonUK - London
Customer Onboarding Specialist for US MarketUS - New York

Sales Nordic

Sales Executive for the Swedish MarketDK - Copenhagen
Sales Executive for the Danish marketDK - Copenhagen


Office ManagerDK - Copenhagen
Finance ManagerDK - Copenhagen


Sales RecruiterDK - Copenhagen


Commercial Operations CoordinatorDK - Copenhagen

Marketing - Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations SpecialistUS - New York
Salesforce.com ManagerDK - Copenhagen, UK - London

Sales US

Sales Manager USUS - New York
Sales Executive for the US MarketUS - New York

Sales Rest of Europe

Sales Executive for the French MarketDK - Copenhagen
Sales Executive for the Dutch MarketDK - Copenhagen


Customer Advocacy and Reference ManagerUS - New York, UK - London
Leads ManagerDK - Copenhagen, US - New York, UK - London

Sales UK

Sales Executive for the UK Market (CPH)DK - Copenhagen
Sales Manager for the UK MarketUK - London
Sales Executive for the UK Market (LDN)UK - London

Quality & Compliance

Quality and Compliance Agent for the UK/US MarketDK - Copenhagen


Some of the benefits we'd like to offer you



Awesome centrally located offices

You'll find our headquarters in the heart of Copenhagen and we've got prime space in Manhattan and London.


Involvement and innovation

We want all team members to play an active part in developing our company and our product. That's why you'll be part of planning out the road ahead.

Plenty of responsability

Plenty of responsibility and a matching salary

In our experience, responsibility and salary are two important aspects of making our team happy. At Trustpilot, you'll get plenty of both.


Lunch & breakfast

You'll get a wide variety of choices consisting of hot & cold dishes, salads, bread, and fruits. Get your munch on!

Nice colleagues

Nice colleagues

A career with Trustpilot gives you the experience to work alongside ambitious, innovative and talented colleagues who work hard and are sociable.

Team events

Team events and bonding

It might sound cheesy, but we really believe that you need to bond in order to function optimally as a team. We regularly come up with cool things to do both during and after work.



Life & Career in Copenhagen

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10 reasons Copenhagen is the It place to be

Copenhagen is hands down one of the most charming, cosmopolitan and buzzing cities this side of the Atlantic. It precisely reflects the close-knit and spirited ethos of Trustpilot, and we are proud to call it home.

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